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First Steps

This first dive into the wedding world has been a little… overwhelming. I needed a place to organize my thoughts and ideas and my bookmark folder was overflowing. Here are some of my first solid research findings.

Setup an account at for a free wedding website. They’ve also got some great articles and wedding inspiration.Kat from RocknRoll Bride

I’m obsessed with Rock’nRoll Bride blog. Kat, I heart you.

We met with this photographer Ting Yi Studios and might use her. Oddly, Marty, a bar regular, was in one of the weddings she shot. His sister-in-law and brother had really great things to say about this team.

We are planning to DIY as much as possible, so we set a date really far out there, Sept 2013. Here’s a DIY site I’ve been looking at The Wedding Chicks

I think I’ll be making paper flowers to save on a florist budget so I can splurge on some serious shoes. Like Christian Louboutins. Mmmm.

A NYC wedding would be amazing, but I don’t think it’s in my budget. 632 on Hudson, New York.  It would be $7-9,000 to rent for one evening. This was the wedding I loved from the photographer we met.

I’m really digging the Watermark in Asbury. We are going to take a look at this place in a few weeks.  It’d make a great beachy but trendy wedding. It’s actually right down the street from the Stone Pony. I sort of want ‘urban’ pictures at the Stone Pony. But I never thought of a ‘beach’ front wedding. This place is all about the booze, and that’s sort of what I want.

Nintey Acres, I haven’t emailed this place, but I think the food would be outstanding. This is the restaurant that does the food direct from their on site farm. I’m not sure the connection, but I think this is theirs as well This is a seriously high-class town, the kind where the town mows the residents lawns. It may be too rich for our blood.

The Crossed Keys in Andover looks really cool, but probably not very us… too much outdoors  Guests outside of the wedding party would stay at the Andover Inn for this one.

The Mohawk House was another one that I looked at… It’s nice, but I don’t know. I feel like it’d be like an upgraded Tiffany’s (the bar I work at), which could be good. If they would let us use three or four of their rooms. The bar, the biggest banquet room, the lounge and the outside covered patio.

Engagement party stuff

Our potential engagement party venue winner is Epernay. Yaaay French restaurant! They can do a Sunday lunch party for up to 50 people. $35pp would include a salad course, a pasta course, choice of three entrees (usually snapper, chicken and hanger steak) and chocolate mousse and coffee for dessert.  Tax, 20% gratuity, sodas, cappuccinos and espressos would be extra.  They are willing to work with us on the menu choices if we see something on the regular menu we’d prefer. This was the ONLY restaurant I contacted that got back in a professional, timely and pleasant manner. Oddly, the last one I was expecting that from.

Richie Ceceres still hasn’t gotten back to me! Their main dining area seats 130, the downstairs is 52, and the secret wine room seats 23. Too bad they don’t want to book a party.

I was also thinking about the breakfast place by the museum, Toast. But the food sounds, well, lame.

There was this new place, Halcyon Seafood, owned by Egan & Sons that I wanted to check out.

Bistro 18 says up to 60 people on the website. George, the manager, said they have two dining areas each is for 30 people. His number 973-233-0800. He also didn’t seem enthused to have us there.

Restaurant Passionne is able to seat 56 guests for a seated meal or up to 40 for a buffet brunch. The chef and owner, Mike, has basically done nothing but give us the run around. Yet another restaurant that isn’t up to the private party game.

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