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How to Plan an Engagement Party

Our very first big party planning venture is going to be the engagement party. This of course is all new to both of us. Brett didn’t even know that people HAD engagement parties. Infact, most of my bridal party were unaware of the engagement party tradition as well. Now what is a saavy nerd to do?

Research of course! I read everything I could find on engagement parties on the knot. This was probably the only helpful article. Engagement Parties: How to Plan an Engagement Party. All of the other articles just gave me anxiety.

“If you invite someone to the engagement party, they must be invited to the wedding!” Well, yea, but that means I need to have my wedding guest list set. Ugh.

“Even though gifts are not expected, make sure you have registered!” This wasn’t so bad, but we scrambled to get a full registry in a panic. No shortage of choices friends. 

“Be sure that the party is something that incorporates your engagement!” What? Is this really that important? 

“This is a great place to incorporate your wedding colors!” Oh god with the wedding colors again! I don’t know. Who cares about wedding colors!

“If you plan on having a sit down formal wedding, try doing something informal.” Let me just remind you… we don’t have our wedding planned! We are planning an engagement party first! What is wrong with you people!? You’re crazy! Batshit crazy! And you’re making me batshit crazy!

SO! We are just going to plan a simple Sunday lunch in Montclair at our fav little french restaurant, Epernay. Best part, it’s BYOB, so we can just buy a case of red and one of white wine. I think we may grab a case or two of champagne and call it a day. I’ve sent the wedding guest list off to dear mom for the edit. I trust she’ll be able to do all the hacking in all the right places. Then we can revist this crazy party once we have a final headcount. Then we’ll pick a Sunday in the late spring, and I’ll get started designing some sort of invitations. It will be simple, French and fabulous. Who cares if it matches our wedding!

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One thought on “How to Plan an Engagement Party

  1. On The Go Bride on said:

    I think a Sunday lunch engagement party sounds like a wonderful decision. I remember going through all this anxiety and more or less frustration when I was planning my wedding this past July. I like that you created your own wedding website with a blog attached. Cute idea 🙂


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