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I seem to have a pattern of ramblings. Not in that my ramblings have a pattern, just that the pattern has been me randomly rambling. I guess that’s just all in the process of shaping and forming a blog. It also probably reflects my daily thought process. Hopefully, this is amusing and making for interesting reading. A couple of my potential vendors that I’ve emailed seemed to think so. I’m going to include a couple of my outgoing emails, just for fun.

This first email was a reply to a cold call (um, email) from a photographer that was at one of the bridal shows I signed up for… but only attended for the last ten minutes. (I really am late to everything.) After the emailing back and forth, we did end up meeting with Will and his assistant Callie. They told me about their reactions to my email. Apparently when Callie read my reply, she told Will, “You GOTTA read this email”. My face was red and I was a little embarrassed about the attention. We actually ended up spending over two hours chatting, laughing and going on tangents like it was our job. Oddly, they reminded me of my friends Terry and Hope. Oddly, Hope is a hobby photographer and has the same personal dynamic with Terry as Will and Callie. They also had a physical resemblance. Really weird. I’ll need to see if I can get picture comparisons.

Anyhow, they were able to relax and be themselves. Not the posed and proper wedding photographer. I guess usually Will has sleeved shirts to hide his tattoos and they usually play houghty toity classical wedding tunes. It was a little upsetting to know that they couldn’t roll up their sleeves and jam out to Alice in Chains with any other client. That blows, damn the wedding industry!

From: Margie
Sent: Friday, January 14, 2011 4:29 PM
To: Blochinger Photography
Subject: RE:

We did miss you at the bridal show. Actually, we almost missed the whole thing! Dinner and drinks with my maid of honor got the best of us. Really we just weren’t excited to attend. I understand that most brides say they want their day to be special, original and unique… but the wedding industry simply doesn’t reflect that. Had I gotten your wedding site link first, I would have scoffed and moved on. This isn’t based on photos, but the contents of the photos. Boring cookie cutter weddings. *sigh* What I did see first was you music site first. *eyebrow raises*

I guess your site hits a soft spot. Not because of the celebrities, but because of the rock photographer life. I grew up with my older sister doing just that. After her battles in the photo pit… going with her to develop in the darkroom… ah, I can smell the chemicals now. Anyhow! Most of my family are hobbiest photographers or actually making a living from it. It must be the asian blood. It comes down to finding someone who can blow all their shots away. Otherwise, I could just have them all shoot. *awkward*

I’m looking for an edgy rockin photographer to match our offbeat ideas. The best I can sum my priorities… Top notch on all accounts… photos, booze, food, and rockin tunes. I refuse to get married in a hotel ballroom or banquet hall that pumps out weddings like an assembly line. Plus, we are a tattoo’d wedding party. I do not plan on hiding my tattoos. I’m still hunting for the right venue, but I need to find my photographer first. There are engagement photos to get going on. I’d like to know if you have any “other” wedding photos and I’d like to meet in person. Will you be setting up at the Bernards Inn on the 30th?


PS – Kudos on the cold follow up from the list of attendees. No one else was smart (or hungry) enough to try. Hope you get more nibbles then my kookie email.

 This next email was to another photographer. She didn’t find my rambling amusing. She didn’t address it at all. This was a little disappointing, but clearly, she was just beyond professional. Maybe too much for her own good. I knew it was really just a language/cultural barrier. She was sweet and we made her laugh a bunch, but it just wasn’t the same buddy feel as we had with Will & Callie. Her work… it was good. I mean, it’s a little bit amazing. Oddly, when looking through her site, I found a picture of one of my bar regulars. Turns out she shot his brother’s wedding. He said they were really happy with her. I only attached the response because I found it so funny at the time. It’s like telling a joke and getting a business response as a reply.

On Wed, Jan 19, 2011 at 3:23 PM, Margie wrote:

how did you hear about us?:
You emailed me 🙂 probably from Elegant Bridal show

subject, event date:
Engagement/wedding, date TBD

We are currently searching offbeat wedding photographers. We have no set wedding date outside of 2013. Since photos are extremely important to me and I come from a camera happy family (filipino). I want to find a photographer that is more talented than my family so it won’t be a question when they say, so and so could have done the photos for you.
I enjoy your team’s photos, but am a little confused with your location coverage. I see on FB your studio is based in Oak Ridge (which is close to us), but noticed most of the locations shot were outside of NJ.
Also, oddly, I know some of the Feeney’s and was a little shocked when I recognized Marty!

The response:

Hi Margie,

Thanks for contacting with us!
Our studio address is 15 Manor Dr. Oak Ridge, NJ 07438
We shoot wedding everywhere…………

Ting Yi

This one is my favorite. Primarily because I wrote it from Brett’s computer, so it came as if Brett wrote it. If you read my synopsis of our Watermark adventure you’ll know why it’s funny to read this thinking it was Brett that authored the email. I can’t believe what a good sport he is for letting these girlie ramblings get sent out on his behalf.
On Jan 27, 2011, at 12:19 PM, Brett wrote:
My fiancé and I are just beginning shopping engagement and wedding venues. Could you send us some more information on your party packages? We have both never been to your location. We live in Northern NJ and are looking for someplace out of the cookie cutter wedding mold… something a little more rockin’ roll. I’m not sure why Asbury says punk rockin to me, but it does. Most importantly, we need someplace that can cater to our love of original cocktails and edgy food. I also saw that your sound system is top notch. Which is also on our short list of needs. We do not plan on hiring a DJ, but want to run a carefully selected playlist (preferably off a laptop not an iPod). All of this information may be a tad premature, as we have set a date pretty far out there in 2013. It takes time to save for things we want :). After seeing your site a few weeks ago, your location keeps popping up in mind. So we figured we should just open the communication.
And since we are able to learn a bit about you and your place from your website, I find it only fair to give you a little bit of us summarized… IT nerds, bartender (aka drink nazi) and karaoke DJ, foodies (I actually hate that term), party hosts extraordinaire (that may be a little too cocky of a statement to say about us).
Looking forward to hearing from you,
Margie & Brett


This response was really enjoyable. Good job keeping up, Russell!

From: Russell
Sent: Thursday, January 27, 2011 12:34 PM
To: Brett
Subject: Re: Private events inquiry
Hi Brett.
Thanks for your email, I enjoyed reading it.
Watermark is certainly not your traditional venue, so you’re right to be thinking of us for building the type of event you are.
My primary business is the open to the public social club/cocktail lounge.  My private parties happen at off times, so my availability is limited – but the receptions we do host are sexy NYC type affairs.   Please note that I don’t rent out on Saturday evenings year round and only have a very few Friday evenings to choose from.
So, my questions are: season, day of the week, time of day, number of people? This will help me determine if I can consider a private event.   Event larger than 100 people need to contract with an outside cater.
Regardless, I think you need to get your foodi, bartending, party-planning, rock-n-roll butts down to Asbury for a (award winning) handcrafted cocktail and my spectacular view at some point.  You won’t be disappointed, I promise.
800 Ocean Avenue
Asbury Park, NJ 07712
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