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Vodka Infused

I’ve been wanting to infuse vodka for sometime now. I know it’s simple. The hard part… keeping the vodka around long enough without drinking it! I love my vodka and I love flavored vodka especially. Why wouldn’t I make my very own infused vodka!?

Well kiddies… I finally stuffed this last untouched massive bottle of Kirkland Vodka. Yes, Costco has its very own vodka. And what a vodka! Inexpensive, large and quality. This would be my first official statement of how much I heart Costco. We infused this bottle with lemon peels from two lemons and a small handful of frozen blueberries from last years CSA share. I hope we can stand to let it sit long enough!

Update on the nearly gone vodka…

Two weeks later and the vodka has a distinct purple and yellow tint.

You can really see the layers of color in this glass.

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