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I just happened to come across this place, Loft Eleven, that has four NYC loft venues. It could be worth a call, or it could be totally out of our range. I still sort of lust after a NYC wedding.

This loft location got me thinking… and Googling… Here’s the picks from my searches.

I found Noho628 in Jersey City. This gives us NYC modern feel and get’s us really close to all the Filipino caterers! Lechon for everyone!

Another JC loft… 113 Design Co I kinda dig it, its like the dirty hardcore artist loft. Not that I think it’s dirty, just not as sophisticated as the NYC loft was.

This almost seems exactly the same in JC. Parlay Studios. It seems like we can probably get the same feel cheaper in JC and going with a photo studio house.

This one in NYC also seems to fit that awesome modern bill Shop Studios

Oh… roof top NYC wedding Loft-269 or here for the same place with more photos.

There’s the mysterious Gary’s Loft. Lots of pictures, no real info.

Ya know, these studios are all starting to look-alike… Capsule Studio I like that this one has a mezzanine, but it appears to be too small overall. Cute though.

OMG… This place is so cute! Los Feliz NYC I’m not sure if I really wanted to go all out Mexican fiesta… and maybe lots of tequilla available would be a bad thing… but this place would be cheap and cute!

How about the Bowery Hotel? Cute cute cute… no idea how much, but probably not a cute price.

I wanted to look at this further because a renovated ammunition factory from WWII, Studio Square. But if I have to hear Bittersweet Symphony one more time… Why do these places insist on autoplaying music on their site!?

320 Studios NYC has a nice terrace.

How bout this for totally different? SOPAC-loft

Or this for really grand theater? Landmark Loews Theater in Jersey City.

There’s also this theater in Tribeca, Tribeca Cinemas.

Wow, just wow. Guastavinos is like nothing I’ve ever seen in America. It feels like an older cathedral. This place is huge and probably waaay too rich for our blood.

Oh, what about good ol Webster Hall. Now that would be Rock n Roll. Plus its a NY landmark. I didn’t know that Raging Bull shot a scene there. I’ve seen many a concert there and I can only hope that the color photobooth is still downstairs. I do recall parking to be a nightmare during the day.

The Foundry is also something different, but is in Long Island.

I never thought about this… The Museum of Natural History That would be nuts. I love the idea of a gala event in the museum.

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