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Pin-up Class

Ella had called me to tell me about a clip she had seen for a pin-up class at the Beauty Bar in NYC. She thought it was a great idea for the girls of the wedding party instead of the usual “spa day”. Especially since the pin-up look is right up my rock’n’roll alley, I had to find out more.

A quick Google search brought me to this article, and Bettina May’s Pin-up Class! The next one is this month, March 20th, at the Lanes in Asbury! The price is a little steep for a trial run, but I may just arrange it anyhow.

In one day, I’ll teach you how to unlock the mysteries of good hair and easy makeup, and how to look great in front of… a camera. You supply your own make-up and wardrobe, so I can teach you how easy it is to achieve vintage looks with the stuff you already have, no need to spend a fortune on all new items! You will leave that day with a book detailing all of the information that you learned in class that day and a cd of your own unedited images that you will own the rights to. I strives to make this class a body-positive experience, teaching you that glamour has no age, height or size requirement.

*if you don’t have your own outfits, Vintage Variety will have a selection of vintage outfits to use for the shoot! Make sure to email me your size when you sign up so I can make sure to have something to fit you!*

Learn vintage hair, makeup and posing techniques for only $50
Learn the above with a pin-up photoshoot for $200.

Update: I sent a message to Bettina May asking for some details on a private party. The rate is the same with a 5 lady minimum and she could see about arranging a special venue as well! I need to double-check our plans for Sunday the 20th. Perhaps I’ll do the $50 sit in to get an idea if we can do this instead of a spa day or bachelorette party. I also need to check with my girls if they’d be willing to put out $200 each to actually do this. I do feel a little uncomfortable asking that type of financial commitment from them. I want this wedding to be as little stress financially on them as possible.

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