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>Neglected blog

>Not so much neglected as it has been replaced. I ended up favoring my WordPress blog. I’m not sure why I favor it just yet. Especially seeing as how I really didn’t give Blogger a fair fighting chance. Anyhow… if you’re looking here it is.

Ok, so WordPress has this super awesome import tool that is probably one really good reason to favor WordPress over Blogger. Any post (which isn’t many) with the > is imported from my Blogger page.

I saw a post about Blogger updating and overhauling their site and functionality here. I was enlightened to give Blogger one more chance, especially when I realized that Blogger is in the Google family. Yup, I’m one of those people who believes Google is trying to take over the world. And they’re doing a pretty darn good job! Anyhow, so when I went over to my poor neglected Blogger page… not much had changed. Where was this overhaul? Did they not get to my blog yet? Weird.

I looked all over for the setting, which I thought I found, but again, no change in appearance. I even went as far as finding the import settings on Blogger. I figured I’d give the WordPress an export and import this bad boy onto Blogger to fully test drive it! Nope, no such luck. WordPress wins. Sorry Blogger. Maybe at the next big overhaul announcement.

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