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Tap NY Beerfest

One of the first Mini Rally events I had gone to (and first road trip) was to Hunter Mountain for Oktoberfest. We had a blast of a time. Even though we planned in advance, hung-over, we rushed to get on the road to make it in time.

We were unprepared to say the least. None of us realized that it would obviously be colder on top of a mountain than it was when we woke up in Caldwell. So none of us brought a jacket… that had any warmth. I wasn’t even wearing socks! We froze our asses off, but we drank beer! We took the lift to the top of the mountain and the boys cursed me out. We chatted with vendors and other Mini owners. We ate all kinds of wursts and I gave in and bought a fluffy leopard jacket. The boys still cursed me out.

This was great! We couldn’t wait for next year! Until we talked to a young group that told us the tale of the Beerfest. “Beerfest!? You mean, more of this!?” Yes, they told us how it was even better. Every spring they have a craft beer festival. All NY based breweries set up tables for tastings. You pay for an all day wrist band and drink anything you fancy. They also have endless amounts of food being passed around. Our eyes all fogged up… we couldn’t wait.

Then the time finally came, last year, right around my birthday weekend. Well, this was going to be epic! We planned to get bands for the Sunday schedule and stay at a semi-nearby bed and breakfast, The Catskill Lodge. We would have my birthday dinner at a French restaurant in town. Then Monday afternoon, we would go to the Windham Vineyard & Winery for a wine tasting.

The whole point of this post is that we plan on going again this year and I’m just as excited, if not more. Check out some of the wacky photos from last year after the jump. Along with a snippet from the Tap NY event website.

Tap NY Craft beer & food festival is the longest running craft beer and food event in New York State.

April 30th -May 1st

Hours are 1pm to 5pm Saturday, 12noon to 4pm Sunday.

TAPSM New York has grown over tenfold through the years to now encompass the entire Base Lodge facilities at Hunter Mountain. Over 30 invited breweries representing over 100 individual beers offer everything from IPAs and lagers to wiesbiers, doppel and trippel bocks, stouts, ales… pretty much any variety you know of, and probably a few that you don’t.

TAPSM New York is also about food. Each year we offer plenty to eat. The food theme for 2011 is Comfort Food. Daily cooking demonstrations will also show you some great ideas for your own kitchen.

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3 thoughts on “Tap NY Beerfest

  1. On The Go Bride on said:

    Looks like fun! My husband and I want to plan to attend the Great American Beer Festival in Denver this year. – Krisstin


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