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InFusin’ Vodka

A few posts back and about two weeks ago I infused my first bottle of vodka with blueberries and lemon peels. It was Aaaah-mazing. We knew we needed to do this again, but clearly bigger and better. That’s just what we did. I went to one of my favorite places, TJ Maxx, last week and found these two infusion receptacles. The glass one was actually the smaller of two that we found. I wanted to get both the big and bigger ones, but Brett reassured me that I was nuts and we just got the smaller big one. I was satisfied since I found the little plastic octopus one. I thought it’d be the perfect one for blueberry infusions. Next was the booze run. Probably the most expensive part of this venture. I popped on down to the Costco in Wayne to get five of the 1.75 liter Kirkland vodka for $26.99 each. I had already stopped at Whole Foods to get a big bag of frozen mangos and we already had the big bag of Kirkland frozen berry trio. I finally was able to piece this all together today. I don’t know how we’re going to keep from drinking these for two weeks!

Here are a few of our step by almost step photos.

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