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Raw Honey

My most recent oddity is an interest in the benefits of raw natural honey. I’ve heard of honey’s antibacterial qualities before, then our bestman had advised Brett to use if he ever burns his finger. (Josh know’s Brett pretty well.) I also have been using honey in a face mask. The latest facemask had been old honey that had crystals in it, extra virgin olive oil and lemon peel. I scrub it onto my clean mug and leave the sweet sticky stuff on for about 30 mins or until it starts dripping all over my shirt. Anyhow, a stroll through TJ Maxx landed me in front of this jar of raw honey. I had to buy it, I mean, its raw, there’s got to be something here. A little Googling and I find that my hunch was correct. There was simply too much information to relay here, but you too can Google if you’re feeling feisty.  This is the brand I purchased:

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