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Mini Cheesecakes for Mini

Some of you may know about the wacky issues we’ve been having with our beloved Mini Cooper S. The issue had reared its ugly head once more. Ugh! We brought our Mini back to the dealership to have it corrected, again. When we finally got the call back from the service department, we were told that the issue was due to engine sludge buildup due to being 1,500 miles overdue on an oil change. He went on to say that the turbo would need to be replaced at $3,800 which was not covered by the BMW warranty. We were a little annoyed to say the least. I knew this was bull and turned to our original sales rep, Spiro. I know, this isn’t a logical move. You have to understand that Spiro really has bent over backwards for us and always offers ‘fatherly’ advise. He suggested what I already knew, to call the service manager and explain how ridiculous this all was. Just like the last time, I got the service manager’s voicemail with no call back. A few hours later I get a call back from dear Spiro. “Has anyone gotten in touch with you yet?” Nope, nothing. “It will be covered under warranty.” What? He took it upon himself to talk to the service department and ensure they got this covered under the warranty. What a guy! At that point, I knew I needed to make him a present that shouldn’t be shared with the service department. In come the mini cheesecake bites to go to the Mini dealership!

I didn’t know Spiro’s preference, so I went with a variety. I did a NY Cheesecake made with sour cream and a graham cracker crust. A batch of plain, chocolate chip, milk chocolate and peanut butter chips and dark chocolate acai berry mini cheesecake. I froze them and put them in plastic baggies and then in an nondescript brown paper lunch bag (so no one would know). When we arrived at Mini, Spiro was busy with a customer, so we didn’t get to hand deliver. I left a note and the bag with reception.

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