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It’s been sometime since Beerfest, but I have to say, the photos never get boring for me. We, of course, had a great time. Much like last year, it was an epic adventure with many wacky moments. Some of which are photographed, others just never got document… thank goodness!!

This year’s beerfest had some better planning ahead of time. This time we rented a house on Hunter Mountain, no more drunken driving to the hotel after beerfest. Plus we would literally have the whole house to ourselves. We also prepacked a butt load of food and booze for the house. Not pictured, my Mini packed to the gills both ways. I don’t really understand how we weren’t able to lighten our load.

Anyhow! We had our tickets ordered, the right kind this time, and we all arrived around the same time. This year’s weather was amazing! No rain, no clouds, perfect temperature. It was looking good and we were off! We started with the outside this time, whereas last year we were inside from the rain and ended outside. Well, there wasn’t much food out there and we all seemed to be on a mission. We started hard and fast. Oh, it was fun and we did eat… but things were serious before we even found our way inside to break the seal. It was a marathon.

Last year we had stickers to mark our booth travels, this year… no stickers. We were supposed to check with a pen… uh, yeah right. So we have no way of tracking what we tried and have to rely on our memories. Ahem. I can tell you what I do remember… that devil cider we found inside. We all seemed to graze at their booth. Raspberry Hard Apple Cider, it was amazing. My fav was mixing it with a neighboring chocolate stout. Turns out all of our group were regularing this table since we kept finding each other there. Devil cider I tell you. I blame the devil cider.

What seemed like shortly after finding the devil cider, beerfest was over and there was the mad dash to the potty. During which we heard a member of our party’s name blaring over the intercom. We had a winner in our midst! Surely he heard his name blaring all over the place over and over. We reconvene to see that he had no idea and sent him running to retrieve his prize.

Arms full of pint glasses, tee shirts, stickers and such, we stumbled back to the ‘hotel’. Ella had already given up on beerfest early, so she checked us in. The devil cider made her sleepy. Doggie channeled his inner caveman and discovered the overgrown fire pit in the back. As the sun went down, the fire got larger. Brett was foraging for firewood in the forest with no shirt, barefoot with no light. He would romp into the darkness and come back dragging entire trees. We aren’t sure how he did it, but he was determined. Brett is someone you’d want when stranded in the wild. He will make fire. Big fire. Dinner was many rounds of chips, dip, cheese, mini tacos, shrimp and crab ravioli with a vodka sauce. It was lovely. A little bit of a drunken mess, but I’d say we did fine.

The following morning was rough. We all cussed the devil cider and watched the breaking news about Osama’s death. We made bacon, egg and cheese english muffins, snacked on Madelines and sipped coffee. The original plan was to take the scenic route back and hit Woodstock for lunch and some shopping. Only myself, Brett and Othello made it to Woodstock.

Here are the beerfest photos!

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