doggie trail

The Woodstock shuffle


After the Tap NY extravaganza, we were a little run down to say the least. Alas, I still persisted with my plans to spend the afternoon in Woodstock. Brett had Othello drive since he wasn’t feeling… um… up to it. Once we finally pulled into Woodstock and parked, we saw this photo opportunity. You can see how comfortable my poor Doggie looks. A random passerby offered to take our picture. It was pretty silly since she couldn’t figure out how to work the camera. She also missed the point of a gigantic red picture frame in front of the bench. Oh well. We shuffled around town being indecisive about what shop to go into or what type of food we could keep down. We finally settled on Oriole 9. I’m really glad we did.Everything was so yummy.

After our meal we trudged through town once more to find an art gallery,Galerie BMG, with these faces that I fell in love with. The artist’s name is Michael Terra and we ended up getting in touch with him a few days later to purchase more of his art! The last shop stop ended up being the Tibetan Art & Craft shop that I really dug. The shop owner was a rug weaving master… very zen. He didn’t approve of our trip to NY for beerfest. But he sold us a trinket and a pair of earrings. Before leaving, we hit the public bathroom near the parking lot where we parked. You can see the little building in the background of the 15 min of frame shots… the greyish white maybe sort of blue shack. Anyhow, there it was… “press bacon, receive bacon, smell bacon”.

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