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CSA Weeks 2-5


Week six of our CSA is already upon us. I have a bit of catching up to do, so I’ve decided to just combine the last month of shares in one post.

Week 2

The surprise this week was the local honey! I was excited and annoyed at the same time. I litterally had just bought a massive honey from Costco the night before. *shrugs* At least this is super local. Maybe we’ll get rid of those last bits of alergy symptoms.

Week 3

Thyme was a nice surprise. Although it looked very different to me.

Week 4

Here come the Tomatoes! And more mint! We ended up making a mint simple syrup with this batch of mint. Our share was missing the scallions this week. Booooo! The farm said we could go their to pick up a replacement, but we never got around to going.

Week 5

This weeks’ surprise is garlic scarpes. I had never heard of such a thing. Luckily, the farm gave me an education. It seems that this is the unbloomed flower from the garlic plant. The entire thing is editable and tastes like… garlic. A mild garlic, but we’re hoping to make a pesto from it as the farm suggested.

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