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ABsolutely FABulous

Happy birthday to my dearest friend and Maid of Honor, Ella!

Last night Brett and I were watching Ab Fab and I couldn’t help but laugh. Eddie and Pats are a little bit like Ella and I. They always seems to be getting into trouble much like we… used to get into. I’m pretty sure the show is funny all on its own, but being able to relate makes it a world more funny. Ella told me they’re filming four more episodes in the city this summer!

Patsy: Right I’m off. Are we eating?
Eddie: Yes, after. French, Italian, whatever you like, sweetie.
Patsy: No darling, no one’s eating that sort of food anymore. There’s a fabulous new Japanese in Mayfair. Everything is raw. Anything with a pulse is lunch.
Eddie: Alright, darling, whatever.

Patsy: What will you drink if you stop drinking?
Eddie: I shall drink water.
Eddie: It’s a mixer, Pats. We have it with whiskey… I mean, YOU’ve given up drinking before.
Patsy: Worst eight hours of my life.

Patsy: What are you wearing, Eddy?
Eddie: La Croix.
Patsy: It’s fabulous.
Eddie: Good… Thank you.

Saffie: What’s happened to your face?
Eddie: Darling, she’s just had a bit of the botox.
Patsy: No, it’s not botox. It’s paralox.
Saffie: You look like a zombie.
Eddie: She still has emotions, you know. She just doesn’t have to pay for them in wrinkles.
Patsy: I’m happy about that, can’t you tell?
Eddie: No.
Patsy: Money well spent.

In our quest to freeze the aging process, Ella and I are willing to try any absurd beauty tip. They usually turn out to make sense, but certainly get a raised eyebrow. Today I used the honey mask beauty tip. The mask I used today was honey, extra virgin olive oil and lemon peel. It’s meant to clean and revitalize skin, tighten pores and reduce breakouts. My skin looks fabulous, darling. El, I hope your nightmare dinner turned out well! *fashion kisses*

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  1. meow darling,sweety,MEOW


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