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Sounds of a 4th of July party

Brett and I have been planning a little fourth of July party. Of course this means cramming in more things than we can get done. Hey… I go big. One of the things that’s really important to me is music. Most of you that know me, know that I always have a prepared playlist ready to go for any occasion. It’s always the thing that gets forgotten. Someone will just throw on the radio, or even worse, NO music… awkward! Most people create a playlist that just isn’t long enough. Hey, I know, this playlist choosing business is tough work. For one, who knows how long your party will be. Ideally, it’d go well into the night. We’re talking quite a few hours here. Plus I always like to get the playlist started early in the day to hype us up while we doing the final prepping. Music truly does alter your mood. Let’s use this for good, now shall we?

At this point, my 4th of July list is already at about 8hrs. *eek*

Here’s some of my selections:
American Me – CL Smooth
Elvis Costello – Indoor Fireworks
American Horse – The Cult
California Girls & Yankee Rose – David Lee Roth
Hot Dog, Hey Sailor, Shout Bama Lama, Summer & C’mon Over to My House – Detroit Cobras
America’s Sweethearts – Fall Out Boy
I Just Want to Celebrate – Rare Earth

I was considering dumping all eight hours worth in a list here, but I’ll spare you. You’ll just have to be here to, um, hear.

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