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Circling Google +

It’s another addition to Google takes over the world. Google + threatens to make Facebook another MySpace and also seems to be a more professional Twitter replacement. Of course I was sold when I found that you needed to be invited to join during the beta phase. I quickly worked to get one right away. Pretty smart Google. Exclusivity illusion attracts the moths to the flame.

I’m still working on getting used to it, but so far, things are looking up. The benefit of Google taking over the world is that everything is integrated. I already had a Picasa account, so that linked in pretty seamlessly into the photos portion of Google +. Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail accounts are linked so you can add via your contact lists from all three. And it seemed that grouping people in the right categories was pretty easy. Drag and drop and your done. I’m still unsure what happens when you add someone to multiple circles that have different permissions. *shrug*

There’s some pretty cool things about G+ that I’m making use of that I never had before. Since I’ve never done Twittah, it’s only my best guess that ‘following’ the right people could be an interesting way to get news and information. I’m not big on watching the news or reading the paper, so I tend to get my news from the stream of updates on FB. If it’s big enough, everyone’s talking about it. It’s a little cumbersome, since I can’t rely on the sources the news comes from sometimes. G+ seems different. I added a few people to my following circle and already have been pleased with the amount of fresh new information coming through my stream. Huh, I could get used to this. Or this could be my newest distraction.

My first new discovery, thanks to G+, was My Drunk Kitchen. I highly recommend watching everything. Then continue to wait for more. NSFW but not to be missed.

Going back to G+, I read that Facebook has blocked all Google advertising on their site. Does that mean they’ll block any G+ related posts and mentions? I guess I should have seen this ‘war’ brewing when Android contacts stopped syncing with FB contacts. Maybe they’ll sync with G+ now?

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