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Netflix Origami Saga

Some of you have been seeing my mobile updates on FB/G+ and been wondering… What’s up with the origami? Or you may be like, what the hell are you talking about?

Whatever article it was I had read, boasted that this was one of the “Sites You Should Be Wasting Time On Right Now!”  It went on to say, “Ever wonder what to do with that extra flap from the Netflix package? Don’t throw it away! Recycle it into beautiful origami with the help of this site.” I couldn’t resist.

I quickly ripped my Netflix flaps off of the two envelopes I had laying around and got folding. I was quickly addicted. I needed to do every single one on the site. It turned out to only last me a few weeks. I have a nasty habit of not returning my DVDs in a timely manner. The origami has since become a motivator, oddly enough.

Now I’m swimming in flaps, and I ran out of new pieces to fold. Now what?! Then the light bulb clicks on… I can make any origami I can find directions on. I mean, all origami is started from a simple square piece of paper. Brilliant.

I quickly download an Android app for origami. Clearly, we need origami directions on the go for this. Even better, this application loops a horrid midi version of some Christmas song that I’ve block out right now. It seemed only fitting for the madness.

Have you ever tried to follow origami diagram directions. “What the hell does this dotted line mean!?! What kind of wiggly arrow is that!?!” Shit, even a follow along video seems ridiculous. No wonder origami is an entire class in Japanese school curriculum.

These are the Christmas inspired animals I was able to get through. There’s still more I haven’t had the patience for yet. Apparently there is more if I pay. I can’t imagine who in the world would pay what you can Google. I may be eating those words at a later date.

Another idea I may regret… I was considering making a ton of these to incorporate in the wedding. Sounds like madness I know. And the saga continues…

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