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A Tale of Two Quiches

I have always been a fan of quiche. It always makes me think of a ladies brunch. Something so elegant and lady like. Much like this wonderful little bakery near my job that does a small lunch menu that always seems to consist of a couple of different types of quiche. She serves a large slice along side of a seasonal salad that is just delightful. I’d love to capture that feel somewhere with our wedding or probably more likely, our engagement party.
Inspired, I decided to make quiche. After-all, I may need the practice if I’m incorporating this lady treat. I had a bunch of squash and zucchini from the farm that I needed to use, so one needed to include that. While searching for a suitable recipe, I found one that had nothing to do with my main ingredient. One quiche became two.  I was so tickled by the way she wrote the quiche recipe. It also turned out divine.
So our tale of two quiches, one “the healthy quiche” the other, “the evil quiche“. Both recipes were modified to accommodate on hand ingredients and person preferences. I’m not sure I can recreate them ever again. Our ‘healthy’ quiche was also a good excuse to test drive our new kitchen investment, our new knifes. Oh yea, Japanese steel! Look how thin I got some of my ingredients! Now I just need more practice.
We chopped and cooked our fillings with excitement. Once we got them both assembled, we realized that we’d still need to wait for it to cook and cool before we could eat them. Sigh, we could not have quiche for dinner on this night. As we ate our boring salad with grilled chicken, the smells from the quiches filled the house. When they finally finished, we patiently waited for them to cool. Then devoured two slices for our ‘dessert’. So much for a brunch meal.
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2 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Quiches

  1. I (the fat one) ate the “evil” one


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