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Historic Easton MD

Easton MD… just what the doctor ordered. Well, the brides father who is a doctor ordered a wedding in St Michaels. We had decided to come a few days early to check out the local town next door. We were really glad we did, because we fell in love with this town.

We stayed at the Bartlett Pear Inn. It’s a restaurant in a historic mansion topped with a bed and breakfast. I had a few things to say about the Pear here.

We toured the town…
We had amazing coffee here every chance we got.  We were sad to find he was closed on Sunday when we were leaving. He donates 10% of his sales to a different cause each month. He sort of reminded me of Gary Busey if he was playing a surfer hippy dude. He spends his time at the bar next door where he keeps an eye out for arriving customers. It seemed like a pretty good gig.

We ate at Oxford Greens for lunch. During our first night at the Pear, we met the owners on the porch. We ended up chatting all night long. Really, a charming gay couple. Their place was pretty cool and their antiques were waaay out of our price range. They were nice to look at, but nothing we could take home. 😦

All in all, we had a great two days in Easton. On our last day, we wondered if we made the wrong choice to stay the next two days in St Michaels.
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