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Noah and Heather’s Wedding


We went to Maryland for our friends Noah and Heather’s wedding. We ended up on an adventure. It was a destination wedding in our eyes, but the destination was a little over a three hour drive. As with most destination weddings, we were concerned with the amount of money this wedding would cost us. Travel, hotel, meals, drinks… this could add up. We researched the area since there was very little infomation included in the invitation. Somehow, I got sold on staying a few extra days and seeing the town and surrounding area. I guess I was swept up in the idea of getting the full destination wedding experience. It’s been awhile since I’d had a weekend off from the bar, so I was going to make it count. Plus I was sold on staying at the Bartlett Pear Inn. I previously posted about our fairytale stay in Easton. The wedding was actually in St Michael which was the harbour town next door.

St Michael was a different kind of town. It was all about the boats and the crab. Who were we to argue! We stayed at another bed and breakfast place. This time it was a little different. The house was nestled in at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac along the water. We actually had a great day riding bikes around the town and looking at all of the historic homes. We feasted on soft shell crabs and amazing crab cakes and had a wonderful time. Our host at the bed and breakfast called in a favor to one of the restaurant chefs to prepare us some crab cakes togo. He made them and froze them for us so we could take them home. Yummmmm.

The wedding was a blast as well. The location was beautiful! All week it had been rainy and foggy. Wishes came true, the clouds dispersed and the sun shone brightly. And I mean brightly! It turned out to be an amazing weather day with not a cloud in the sky.

After the ceremony, the cocktail hour was on an outside deck so we could continue enjoying the sun and view. I loved that Heather and Noah provided a basket of flip flops for everyone. I did notice it was hard to get people to take one. Something I never thought about before. I guess because I knew what it was about, I encouraged a group of guests to grab a pair! I think if we have a basket of flip flops for our guests at our wedding, I may need a big blinking sign or have a designated flip flop pusher. Heather and Noah made their entrance at the cocktail hour, which was nice that we didn’t have to wait very long to see them again. They did some speeches and began the party. I liked the slight change of format. Look how cute that picture of their first dance is outside!!

We did go inside for dinner and they also decided on open seating. I’ve been all about unassigned seating since we started planning. I actually saw the dangers of open seating at their wedding. I’m still all for it, and I’m glad they did open seating, because I made new friends. The problem was that no one from the venue were directing the guests to pick a table… any table! So we bottle necked in confusion. I think maybe having the escort cards with the “hey seat yourself anywhere” would help for us.

The bride and groom snuck out for sunset pictures. Smokers were able to pop outside and enjoy the sunset. I’m not sure all the guests got to see the amazing sunset, but I don’t think it was meant for the guests. I can’t wait to see how their photos turned out. They should be very romantic and intimate. After dinner, speeches and cake cutting, we headed back outside to dance under the stars. Again, open seating, which was more understood at that point. And it was great because even more mingling happened. Everyone was getting up and heading to the bar and walking around chatting. It was a throwdown good time.

We grabbed our giftbag at the end which fittingly enough included a full size Old Bay seasoning and a wooden mallet. They included a few other things, but in my opinion they could have left out. I was pleased as punch with my Old Bay and the mallet was just so fun. All in all, we were so happy that we went.

Thank you Noah and Heather and congratulations once more!

Click here to see more photos from the wedding.

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