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Going Dutch on the French side


We love vacation. We love vacation in the Caribbean. We love St Maarten and Saint Martin. I also have a slight french fixation. So when we were on vacation, I was in heaven on the french side.

Our first french fix was at Sarafina’s in Marigot. We decided to have crepes and a cappuchino on our first visit. It was pretty amazing. It did not prepare us for our second visit. We went with double expressos and a savory ham and cheese crepe with the best french toast I have ever had in my life. We also had to hit the coconut man on the streets of Marigot. We sort of had to wake him up to have him make us an ice cold rummy coconut.

Not as successful of an idea was our hike up to Ft Louis. It was so hot and there were so many stairs and no shade. It wasn’t worth the trek, but here’s the photos.
Our last french stop I’ll share with you was Orient Bay Beach. On one end you will find the full nude beach and the other is an endless strip of beach restaurants and bars. It was quite the experience walking down the beach and getting haggled by each place to come sit with them. We went almost to the end and had a frozen mystery drink at Kontiki. It was really good and man did that frozen drink help cool me down. We strolled back down the beach to hit the Sun Beach Clubber we had passed earlier. It stood out to us for some reason. I’m sure the french Heath Ledger look-a-like helped. It was the winning choice. We had an amazing lunch on their second floor overlooking the beach. After lunch we spent hours at their bar hanging with the staff. They were very french and tons of fun. The bartender concocted some drinks and shots made with a very special ingredient…. love. Ha ha ha, they were so french.
More to come from the Dutch side.
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