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This is how Halloween crumbles

Or just the cookies crumbling, but no actual crumbles with these guys. I have been itching to use my ghost and kitty cookie cutters as well as my witch finger mold. My calling was answered when we had a little Halloween gathering at work. 

Lessons learned… black frosting is near to impossible without a black gel food coloring, so my cats are more of a chocolate black. Hand rolling my witch fingers were easier, yet the level of sculpting was to no avail after baking. Next time, I will hand sculpt (tee hee he) then refrigerate overnight. I loved the multi color finger; white witch, green witch and choco witch. I’ll also use a red gel food coloring to paint the almond nails next time. Presentation for fingers is best standing up, I tried to use M&Ms in the base, that was annoying. The fingers would pop out of the bowl each time I stuck a new one in. Next time I’m trying something smaller and coarser, like sugar.

Overall, the fingers and the sugar cookies were a hit. The sugar cookies were made with cream cheese so they were soft and chewy. The fingers were a shortbread mixture that was almost like a cake, similar to a Madeline. I had none left to take home in the end. Job well done.

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