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Dutch side of Sint Maarten

We really had a great vacation in St Maarten and it was just oozing with photo opps. I have about a gazillion shots of sunsets from every night. We took so many photos that we filled our eight gig memory card and had to buy a new one halfway through our trip. Yup, Doris the Tourist was back.
These are the first few days on the resort, Divi Little Bay. We were lucky enough to check in early so we were able to get right on the beach after lunch poolside.
We even had enough time to hit the Infinity Pool for sunset. It was right next to our room. The next morning I caught a little bit of a rainbow.
On the second day we noticed all the wild cats on the resort. They looked like regular house cats. In fact, they looked like kittens to me.
Day two and back to the beach on the resort. We spent most of the day bobbing around in the water. It was really just like a pool. We had lunch at the beach bar restaurant which was steps from our beach chairs. Brett made a new lady friend, Gizmo. She lived on the resort and tended to roam the bar. She spotted Brett and kept calling him a Cracker. Pretty smart bird.
Fort Amsterdam was at the very end of the resort property. It wasn’t far from our room, so we decided to hike up there for sunset after the day at the beach. It was really amazing, we were the only ones up there. Well, that and the mosquitos.
On our third day we decided to take a three-hour island tour. It was a good warm up to the island. And we met some really great people who were also staying at the resort. The tree was at a local artist’s house/studio. It is the oldest Saba tree on the island.
Aaaand another sunset.
Some of you guys that know us know we are fans of a show called Three Sheets.  The show follows this comedian, Zane Lamprey, all over the world where he learns each country’s drinking customs. It’s epic, you need to look it up. Anyhow, Zane did a show in St Maarten and we had to make our pilgrimage to a few places. Guavaberry Emporium was one of them.
Next was the happiest happy hour at the Dinghy Dock bar. The bar is on the French/Dutch border. With the bathrooms over the French side. They allow the customers to pour their own drinks during happy hour. I’m making my best Zane face in the picture with the stranger.
This time I got a sunrise picture for you. As well as a pirate ship in the distance from our resort. We stopped for a snack at Zee Best Bakeshop for an amazing Quiche and croissant sandwich.
Our last Dutch beach was Mullet Bay Beach. It was fairly secluded and the water and sand was by far the clearest and softest.
I took our last sunset photos while we were in traffic on the way back to the resort. We also rescued Gizmo from the late night rain and got to say goodbye.
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