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We’re on a boat!

We decided we need to see the island from a boat and the Eagle Tour Farewell Party sounded like the one to go with for us. Man, are we glad we did. We had a blast. It was an all day tour from 9 to 5 and we sailed completely around the island. We stopped to snorkle and swim in spots we never would have gotten to from land. It was awesome.
Our first stop was Tintamarre Island. This island is a nature preserve that has a natural mud bath. It really was a private deserted island. They only allow a certain number of people to go there in a day. We were part of the 25 to go that day.

We really lucked out with this boat tour. The Calmos Cafe was one of our places to go from Three Sheets. It turns out that they only open for the lunch boat tour stops during September. We wanted to come here to try and buy their homemade rooftop rum. Since they were not usually open, they didn’t have any for us. Except for the bug rum. Which Brett had to try. Good thing he did, because it warmed up the owners to ‘finding’ a bottle of vanilla infused rooftop rum! Man was it good.
Our crew on Too Rhum Punch were great. The Captain, Oliver and Damien. Damien is pouring champagne in the shot below. He always made sure my cup was full, even in the water. They also taught us the Dollar Wine dance. It’s forever stuck in our head.
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