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Custom Holiday Cards

I’m a little bit of a deal hunter. Nothing crazy, no extreme couponing or anything like that. I just get a few deal emails and look every so often. This time it was custom holiday cards. Now, I’ve never given into ordering any type of cards or flyers that you can ‘design’ online because I’m a Photoshop enthusiast. I would rather design the whole thing from scratch on my own and send that to a printer. Most of these sites don’t give you a full page option, so you usually have to use parts of their design elements. Well, the deal got me to use one. I know, for shame… but they are looking pretty cute. Here’s one side of one of the cards.

I of course am not an extreme couponer, so I spent $26.27 on twenty cards. I just don’t like the typical single sided cards that most people order for the holidays with pictures of their family or pets. I love the idea, but something is just odd about it, I’m not sure what yet. So we’ll see how cheezy our cards turn out to be. I hope they are classy in the end. This is the deal that sold me on making photo cards.


If you’re looking for some adorable custom holiday cards then I have a perfect deal for you! You can get these custom cards for as low as $0.25 each! Sounds like an awesome deal to me! See how below:

  1. Hurry over to InkGarden
  2. Choose either (10) 5×7 Stationary cards OR (20) 4×8 photo cards OR (10) 5X7 Holiday business cards
  3. Use the code HOLIDAYCARDS at checkout which will leave you just paying $1.00 + shipping. Shipping is about $3.29 making each card right around $0.25!!
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