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Fried Green Tomatos

In one of our CSA shares we got green tomatoes. Brett’s not particularly fond of tomatoes and I’m a big fan. I wondered if fried green tomatoes was a good middle ground for us. I had of course heard of the very southern fried green tomatoes, and we both knew the movie. I began my Google quest to find a nice recipe. What I found was a lot of debate. I guess it happens often with recipes that are so heavily stitched in ones upbringing.

We watched Paula Deen’s recipe video mostly because we think she’s a hoot. We ended up using this recipe for the tomatoes. We let our sliced tomatoes sit much longer than five minutes since I knew Brett would like them firmer. Our breading was something of a breadcrumb, panko and cornmeal mixture. We also soured our milk with vinegar instead of using buttermilk since we didn’t have any on hand. They fried up faster than the recipe suggested. No matter, we got to eat them faster!

We also made this amaaaazing remoulade sauce. Again, a few modifications because we were missing some ingredients. We didn’t wait to let it sit more than the time it took to fry up the tomatoes. I wish we made more because I could have eaten it with anything. We put it aside and finished up the tomato frying.

I had no idea what to expect. Nothing could have prepared me for how much we loved them. We had them for dinner, but we quickly realized that this was more of a heavy breakfast item. I craved bloody marys immediately. Thoughts of bacon danced in my head. These would make an amazing BLT.

We made more than we could eat, so I hesitantly put them away to reheat for another day. I thought for sure they would never taste as good as the first day. I was wrong. They held up just fine to rewarming in the toaster over. The sauce definitely improved with time in the fridge. We will be making these again next year for sure!

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One thought on “Fried Green Tomatos

  1. oh they look good


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