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Roast Beast

This Christmas we decided the main dish would be a roast beast. When we decided on a beef roast I got worried where we would find a good piece of meat. When we lived in Caldwell, we were really right next to everything. In particular, a really good local butcher, Villa Meats.

We had just discussed our dilemma when our solution arrived that very evening at the bar. Oddly enough, a guy at my bar happened to be talking about Villa Meats. Not only was he talking about it, but he works there! So I mention how we no longer have a local butcher and how we need a rib roast for Christmas dinner. Our new butcher’s girlfriend promptly volunteers his services. We exchange numbers and he agrees to deliver a rib roast the Thursday before Christmas. What luck!

Here’s where the puns take over. When Thursday came, we had agreed to meat at Tiffany’s. Of course it was jammed pack with people, most who I knew. In the Christmas spirit it was a lot of hugging and cheek kissing. And no shortage of “What brings you here on your day off!?” My response… meating my meat guy he has meat for me. Oh, the jokes just couldn’t get old. Giggles ensued throughout.

It felt like a drug deal and I couldn’t help but play it up. Luckily, my meat man felt it just as funny and played it up as well. We exchanged our money in the corner and he presented me with my brown paper bag of meat to my car window in the parking lot. And I drove off. I have to wonder how many people thought I was seriously making a drug deal. It’s amazing to me how excited I got over a hunk of meat.

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