doggie trail

Happy Christmas

I was able to convince Brett to stick with another real tree this year. The pine needles drive him mad! Plus I also always seem to buy everything with glitter during the holidays when decorating. It’s a clean freak nightmare, but he puts up with it for me.

Of course the jingle Jerk couldn’t get enough of the tree, so we spent the weeks prior to Christmas dealing with constantly putting the ornaments BACK on the tree. We found that he was well behaved only when wearing his Christmas sweater.

Aside from my glitter fixation during Christmas, I also go nuts with wrapping equipment.   I always buy a huge amount of ribbons, bells and mini ornaments. Wrapping becomes quite the event of matching because I never buy the ribbon and paper at the same time. Why make it easy!?! I probably spend just as much on ribbon and paper as I do on the gifts themselves. I can’t help it, I love a pretty present. Brett’s gotten pretty good with the presents himself. Good thing too, because we had a ton of presents to wrap! We couldn’t fit all the presents under the tree this year with the new configuration. Presents were lined up everywhere and I have to say, I was loving it.
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