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Christmas time is here again

Christmas is another excuse to cook, bake and entertain. It’s sort of like Thanksgiving is the warm up to Christmas. I have to say, this year that was a very true statement. This last Thanksgiving really prepared us for a smooth Christmas dinner. We used a spreadsheet to plan out the day. From taking the roast out to come to room temperature to preparing the whiskey cream sauce. This time we even allotted time to get dressed and ready. My mom laughed at me, but that spreadsheet was a life saver.

We had prepared as much as possible the days prior. Like the Cinnamon pin-wheel and Swedish Christmas cookies, the Millionaire bars, the white bean dip and the mashed potatoes. On Christmas day we had our day planned down to 15 min intervals. We only got behind schedule about an hour, but picked it up in the window we left open for getting ready.

Our menu was the exquisite beef roast, mashed potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, from scratch green bean casserole, roasted root veggies, jewelled rice, and roasted asparagus. We made two sauces for the beef, a whiskey cream sauce and a Madeira sauce. My mom also brought more food, and you wonder where I get it from, to fill in the Filipino essentials.

Navin made his appearance with his Christmas sweater. We showed everyone how much Brett could get away with him. Navin would of course just melt in his arms, perfectly happy to be touched by Brett. Jerk.

My desserts this time were focused on cookies. Thanksgiving is pies and Christmas is cookies to me. I made the cinnamon pinwheel cookies a few Christmases prior. Brett has been asking for them ever since. I’d say this batch came out better then the last one I had made. Then I made a Swedish Christmas cookie. I’m not sure why they are Swedish, but they were basically a butter cookie with cardamom.  They actually tasted like fruit loops, which was odd, but we enjoyed them. My favorite was the Millionaire bars. Essentially, a home-made twix bar. Yummm!

Everything was really wonderful. We ate, drank and were merry. I’m sure the wine and rum helped for the more merry. My mom pulled two pretty darn old bottles of wine from her rack and the St Maartin rum she’s had from when we went ages ago! One glass of wine knocked a few of our friends on their butts.

Thank you to all my friends and family that were able to attend. We can’t wait to do it again.

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