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Allo Govna

Ah London! Who can resist anyone with a British accent. Simply posh. Work had yet again separated us for longer then we prefer. On the plus side… um… London!

We had a few of our London-based chaps visit Morristown (see Apple Scones post) and we took them around town and showed them the sites. That adorable accent got them out of a crappy hotel and into the allegedly booked Morristown Hyatt. Man, that girl at the desk just melted, upgraded them each to a suite and called in a rush to housekeeping. Clearly, we would have a rockin time about town.

I found it amazing how much the most commercialized crap they got excited about. I say this with the utmost respect for my British friends. It’s just adorable honestly. They told us how excited they were to have Taco Bell. Taco Bell!?! Really? Demolition Man, yup, that’s what we giggled about. Lucky for me, it did not make it to our site seeing agenda. Run for the bathroom!

My London friends weren’t very big on breakfast sweets. I guess they also aren’t used to the frequent office grazing. But they did devour the box of Dunkin Donuts Munchkins I brought for them. They were amazed with  the doughnut hole piece and even snapped a pic for Facebook.

American portions are gigantic, nothing new, but it has a new perspective when you see the look on a Londoner’s face when appetizers come out and you break it to them that there’s an actual entree coming out next. I was certainly excited to see what these London boys had in store for me once I arrived in London. Would my American accent get me places?

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