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Going Full English

Breakfast that is…

My work trip also brought me to Manchester. Where I gave into the room service’s full English breakfast. Sitting in the modern room that night, I proudly checked the box…

“Yes! Please bring me one FULL English Breakfast to start my day! Yes! I would like fresh coffee with warm milk!”

I even contemplated adding extras. Haaa! The next morning the tray arrived overflowing with food.

Oh dear, what was I thinking last night? A rack of toast? How clever… to keep my toast from getting soggy… but was this the entire loaf of bread?! Oh, it just that there’s two kinds, white and wheat.

I did read the description last night, I knew all this food was coming. It just didn’t register how much food it really meant. Look at this description…

Pastries, butter, preserves, brown & white toast… this is normal, nothing too crazy here. I mean, they’re listing butter. Can’t be too much food.

juice,.. well, yea, breakfast gets juice, it’s just juice.

egg, bacon, sausage, mushroom, tomato, hash browns, beans & black pudding.

Ok, maybe I just blocked this whole half out. That’s a lot of food. The opening seemed so innocent. Who would have thought there’d be all this food hiding at the end.

Are you buying this?      Yea, me either.

I wanted to taste everything. I tried to taste it all so I had one bite each. I couldn’t even get to the basket full of pastries.

A few things to highlight… the beans, well they were you regular run of the mill canned beans. I’m still not sure why this is a breakfast staple while Americans think of summer BBQ.

The ‘black pudding’, more like blood pudding, was pretty good, but I’m generally adventurous on these types of items.

The bacon was not bacon and an utter disappointment simply because it was not what I expected. They even hid it under the beans and pudding as if was in time out. It was limp, slimy and not even slightly crispy.

The sausage was simply the best thing on the plate, followed by the triangular hash browns and then the grilled mushroom. The texture and flavor of all three were perfect. Oh… and the toast was pretty darn good. I was afraid the odd rack would make the toast cold, but non-soggy toast is king. I’m thinking of grabbing a file rack from my office to hold my toast in this same way. I find that image pretty funny.

I never eat breakfasts this large, especially before a full day of talking to people I barely understand. Somehow it all worked out and lunch turned out to be much later in the day. My late Manchester lunch is when I learned about, “Buhtta on yore bread!” But that’s another story. I did learn the Full English Breakfast lesson though. And it was a one and done deal.

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