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It’s a CIRCUS!

It’s a circus… a shopping circus! My London coworkers continued to reassure me that it was the best time of year to visit due to the great sales. It seems that after Christmas and Boxing day, everything goes on sale. Making room for the new season I suppose. They were right, every store had massive signs declaring 70% off or something similar.

We had to go through Oxford Street to get to the London office from our hotel, so it was quite the task to avoid shopping. Luckily, I had to be somewhere most times. I did have a few hours at night to do some shopping before I left. I had seen the street primarily in the day. Seeing it at night made shopping intoxicating. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s the night owl in me.

The thing about shopping on Oxford was the overwhelmingly large department stores. They were huge, and it wasn’t like there was only one or two, there were a lot of them! The window displays at Selfridges tickled me every time I had walked past, so I needed to take a few pictures.

When I had ventured into a few of these massive department stores, I was really overwhelmed. I actually got totally turned around and lost in one of them. These stores were entire city blocks. I was confused each time I came out of one since I didn’t know what street I was on.

I was shocked with how many shoppers there were on a weeknight. They didn’t seem to bat an eye at the designer prices, it was like they were giving stuff away! Now, I’m not being cheap, its just with the dollar to sterling conversion, it no longer becomes a steal for me. Apparently, this didn’t matter. I found myself on a mission to find something, anything.

In the end, I did end up in a department store called John Lewis, where I rescued a pair of black boots. They were gorgeous and fit like a glove. I actually had a great experience with the shoe guy there. Again, enamored with the American, he walked me over to the register and made sure that my shoes would ring up correctly. I proudly walked proudly down the street with my bag, not worrying about how I could fit a box of boots in my luggage home, when my phone rang. It was my credit card company checking that the purchase was really me. I had to stop to compose myself when they relayed the purchase amount in dollars. Gulp! Oh well, it’s done and I’m not going to feel bad about it.

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