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You Are What You Eat

It’s been spring cleaning madness around here the last few weekends. We had some issues with our refrigerator that required a visit from the Sears repairman. Seeing as he had to empty out our entire fridge, we decided it was as good a time as any to clean out the contents. As we looked at the large piles strewn about our counter tops, it made me think of a photo project I had seen awhile back that I found fascinating. It’s called “You Are What You Eat, a series of portraits examining the interiors of refrigerators across America”. I really loved the idea that if we really are what we eat, then refrigerators are like windows into our souls.

Remembering the series of photos, I showed them to Brett after we restocked our fridge. Once more I found I was sucked right back into inspecting these strangers’ refrigerator contents. I felt there were answers in these photos and Brett and I tried to find connections. We found that people in the teaching field generally had ‘healthier’ refrigerators. The people who were in any type of armed forces seemed to have this uncanny similarity. It’s hard to explain, but its sort of cram everything you can concept. We’d seen this type of fridge first hand… was this coincidence? And what does our fridge say about us?

Check out the site and peer into these refrigerators.

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6 thoughts on “You Are What You Eat

  1. I see way too many condiment bottles..can’t make up your mind/want to try everything. Also the wine glass is funny, why not polish off that last bit? Plus red wine doesn’t go in the fridge.


    • We do use a lot of condiments… It’s more about variety then indecision. And there is quite a collection of pickled items and olives. In the drawer is a variety of cheeses as well. As a bartender I’m familiar with proper wine storage and I know red wine doesn’t store in the fridge, but I like a quick chill on my reds. Room temp isn’t always 60 degrees like it was before modern day heating. So as the glass sits it warms up past my liking. A pop in the fridge makes it enjoyable to the last sip :).


      • Ooo I see. I’m not a wine person myself, just blew my mind to see red wine in the fridge haha. Well now I know you savor your wine, cause it’s out long enough to warm up! 🙂


      • Admittedly there’s many times the wine glass is forgotten in its chill out time and there’s a surprise glass in there. It’s way better then the red wine drinkers at the bar that ask for ice. I get the concept but I personally can’t stand watered down wine. The chill out trick is actually great for making an inexpensive wine taste pricier. (If that’s a word.) Stick the bottle in the fridge for 5 mins and the $7 bottle will taste like $15. It’s what helps offset the expensive bottle purchases. Oh and whites I like to sit out for 10-15 mins. Sounds weird, I know.


  2. So glad I read this! I also like my read wine with a slight chill and I thought I was crazy… And i’m a ex-bartender and totally agree with the not liking watered down wine sentiment!


    • We are proud red wine chillers and we will teach others the way of the chill, lol.
      I know I’ve read a few things about the chilling of the red wine… none of which my Googling skills can find right now… but I did find this snippet “If you chill a red wine, this exaggerates the tannins, gives the wine more structure, and makes it less expressive on the nose.” It’s a bit of a fancy way of saying, chilling your red wine is cool man. There’s also this fun article from the NY Times.


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