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Taste the rainbow…

We had seen many pictures for rainbow cakes and cupcakes in the past, but never really had the drive to create these colorful cupcakes. Most of the recipes just used a premade box cake mix. Which we never have in the house. Well, enter coupon and sale hunting… equipped with coupons, we bought a few Betty Crocker cake mixes and frosting.

Taste the Rainbow

The idea is pretty simple, you make the cake batter then divide the batter evenly, add the food coloring and then layer into the cupcake molds. Easy peasy right?

Not exactly. Not that it was hard, just kind of annoying. We were smart and used plastic solo cups to divide our batter and plastic knives to mix the food coloring in each cup. I have to say, the batter was perfectly divided… in the cups. Dividing into the cupcake mold was another story.

I’m sure with a bit more planning, I wouldn’t have been in the annoyed predicament. Next time, if I ever bother, I will use clear plastic cups so I can see that the food dye is thoroughly mixed. I will use all the same size cupcake molds, no mix n match. I will use a measured scoop to add each color layer evenly. Finally, I will not change the color order for half.

In the end, this was a nice replacement from the egg dying. Although, gay pride is more what everyone seemed to discuss when I brought them to work. *Shrug* Didn’t stop anyone from eating them. And they sure were photogenic.


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