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Wiggly jiggly Earth day

It was an Earth day party and my assignment was jello shots. I realized that the last few times we made jello shots, we used small plastic cups with lids, like the ones for condiments. But this wasn’t a fill the landfill party so I needed a better way to serve jello shots with out the cups.

Resolution number one was to half and hollow out apples, using the apple as an editable cup. We halved all the apples we had left in the house and removed the seeds, dropping them into a lemon ice bath as we went along. Then I doubled back with a melon baller to scoop out the apple cup, saving the apple insides for the second stage. After all were scooped and I had a nice blister, they all went back into the ice bath until I was ready to fill. I juiced the apple insides to make a fresh apple juice. I would use this as my mixer with the last of an apple liquor (probably about half a cup each).

I prepared the boiling water and cherry jello mix, then added my apple cocktail. I poured everyone into their apple cups then realized my death-defying balancing act ahead of me. I had decided that these bad boys would chill in our downstairs refrigerator. Which was a flight of stairs, two underfoot cats, and three closed doors away. So, it didn’t all stay put, but most of it did. Hours later we sliced the halves in half again. We found that the half apple was just too big to be a jello shot. I liked the way they looked sliced better anyhow.

Solution number two was to use fun ice-cube trays. I had a few laid out, since I didn’t know how much liquid would fit. I greased up all of my trays with some cooking spray, then wiped them with a paper towel. I wanted to make sure they were coated well so removal would be smooth sailing. I was worried about that part and reapplied a few times.
The mix was a lime jello and a berry kamikaze. I would have gone with my signature raspberry kamikaze, but I ran out of Stoli Raz. So it was a bit of raz and a bit of Stoli blackberry with Cointreau and a dash of lime juice. I wasn’t too sure how strong the lime would be, so I kept the lime lighter than the vodka and Cointreau.
We ended up only needing two different kinds of trays, lime wedges and three-tier cakes. The removal was quite humorous and the cooking spray just didn’t do as good of a job as I’d hoped. Trying to handle the jello while pushing it out of the mold was near to impossible. We had a bunch that didn’t make the cut and promptly needed eating. Man, these ones were strong! After all of this preparation for the Earth day party, and we never actually made it. We found it a bit odd to show up to the party at 3am with jello shots. Alas, the joys of being a weekend closing bartender.
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