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Jazz Brunch in the Courtyard

Our first full day in New Orleans was jam-packed. We got up as early as we could and ventured through the French Quarter. We planned to stop at the Court of Two Sisters for their jazz brunch buffet. I figured it was a good place to warm up our taste buds for the local cuisine… besides… Brett can eat his moneys worth at a buffet for five people easily. I just wanted to eat grits and drink Mimosas while listening to the three-piece jazz band.

When we arrived we walked through what seemed like a number of doorways and corridors. The first doorway had two gates with a sign. It seems this “Charm Gate” was wrought in Spain especially for the Court of Two Sisters. According to legend, Queen Isabella had them blessed so that their charm would pass to anyone who touched them… So we touched them. Shocker, right?

It was dark and I began to get a little leery of our choice. We passed the very cool little bar area that was plaster in little name plaques. I’m not sure how you earned a spot on the bar, I was too hungry to ask.

 The next room we passed was the buffet area. It got much brighter and the smells assured me that we would be ok. I was a little worried that there weren’t many people scooping up food as we walked past. I realized that it was in fact still pretty darn early for most of the natives. We continued past the food and out to the courtyard. It was not at all what I would have expected from the previous rooms.

The first thing you see when you come out to the courtyard is the large fountain. Then you quickly realize all of the foliage hanging above all of the seating. The calming sound of the live three-piece jazz band transported us back into time. I needed a mimosa immediately. 
We were seated at the farthest side of the courtyard from the buffet. Thankfully, they were going to make me work for that food. We got the run down from our server and headed to the buffet. He would have the chef make us each an Eggs Benedict since that was thankfully not in the buffet section. We returned with mounds of food. Probably the most amazing biscuits and creamy grits. We were sure they added cheese, but the server assured us it was simply butter. Oh how terrible.  We also had to try the turtle soup.

Not only did we have the jazz band to entertain us, we had a little friend that was enjoying the courtyard as well. The servers and the band didn’t shoo our little furry friend away. They all simply smiled and let her do her thing rolling around in the sun, cleaning up, then taking a nice nap in one of the vacant chairs. She was quite polite and never begged for food. Pretty shocking.
The courtyard atmosphere was intoxicating and it seemed to beg us to sit a spell longer. We had a lot more planned for the day, and we were both stuffed. I’m not sure how long we actually sat there. It seemed like time slowed. Certainly not a bad thing when you’re away.
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