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Strawberry Margarita cupcakes

Memorial day weekend is the start of summer entertaining and grilling. I had recently talked about our coupon splurge on premade cake mixes and frostings. This weekend seemed like the best time to use up some of the excess. I didn’t want to just make the cupcakes as is, but I didn’t want to make it as complicated as the rainbow cuppycakes. I have been a jello shot making machine lately, so I thought maybe I’d replace the water in the ingredients with some margarita in the strawberry cake mix. Giving us a strawberry margarita cupcake! Brilliant!

I started mixing everything up… forgetting how stupidly simple a box cake mix is to put together and replacing the one cup of water with one cup of Cuervo margarita. Popped the oven on and started prepping my mini cupcake tins. As I started to scoop my batter, I realized that I was sweating. Man, it was hot. It certainly is the start of the summer, I thought. What the heck was I thinking? Why am I baking right now? It had been raining for the last few days and was ridiculously humid outside… and now, now it was just as bad inside if not worst. Sigh. I trudged on. This couldn’t be so bad, I’m barely working for this baking venture anyhow.

Everyone baked up nicely and I set them all aside to cool. I decided I would frost them all the day of the party the next day using the pre-made confetti and dark chocolate frosting. Easy peasey. They were quite light and delicious. A little on the artificial side, but no one seemed to mind. Now that we’ve put the air conditioner back on for the season, I’d like to create a real version of this without Miss Crocker. We have some gorgeous strawberries from the farm that I can incorporate.

Stay tuned, have a wonderful holiday and don’t forget it’s meaning. In the words of our favorite veteran… remembering all those who gave their life so I could live the way I do today.

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