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Towel Origami

After all was finished with the cake pops for the shower, I decided I needed to do something else. I had grabbed a pretty stack of face towels when we were shopping for our gifts for the shower. I couldn’t present this simple stack of towels, I needed to transform them into something much more whimsical. Enter towel origami.
Again after much Googling, I found there was indeed an art form in towel folding, Oshibori. Generally done with wet towels and usually no need for rubber bands. As the towel dries, the animal holds its shape. I decided to do only a handful wet since they seemed to take a very long time to dry. The majority of everything else seemed to be for full-sized towel folding. Much like hotels and cruises leave in the room.
The first one I made was one of the little birdies. I squealed and ran to show Brett. I quickly ran back to make another birdie, a rabbit, a cat, and a little two toned bear man. Once I had finished with the stack of towels, I immediately wanted to get the googly eyes for them. I then grabbed another stack of face clothes and started making more friends.

I was amazed at how different each one turned out. I repeated the ‘bird’ pattern multiple times, but each bird looked different. Even without the eyes in. Some looked like little chicks and one more like a baby owl.

These are more chickie-like. I used rubber bands to hold the shape, but came back and tied a little ribbon with some leftover embellishments from the cake pops.

I think the eyes made this one more like big bird.
This was the cat. Which they said could also be a mouse. I guess it just depends on how you look at it.
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4 thoughts on “Towel Origami

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  2. I was researching Towel Origami when I came across your blog post. I was wondering if you still had those links? I’ve been looking high and low for bunny and bird towel instructions. 🙂


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