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Beardfest 2012

I realized that I never actually posted about Beerfest this year. Just the off the beaten path way we drove to get there. I mentioned that we took over a thousand photos that day. I’ll keep you to the highlight reel.

We had pre-gamed in the parking lot with some of our favorite beers from Butternuts Beer in NY. They make Porkslap Pale Ale and this lovely photo opp you see below.

We started out all together and strong.
We ran into our friends from the Gaslight Brewery in South Orange. They ran a party bus up for the day. And they make some kick ass food and beer back in Jersey.
After the first tent of breweries we stopped since we hadn’t quite gotten our rhythm yet. There was plenty more beer to get to and we had only  just begun.
Without fail, we found the food and grazed awhile. I seemed to get the ‘pick of the litter’.
I’m not sure when it happened, but an idea had been brewing. What if we try to photograph some bearded men? Sounds a bit like a beer worthy drinking game no?
We started with sneak photos, but most were unsuccessful and usually awkward. Nothing really good enough to post, but fun for us to do photo hunts with later.
This guy seemed to know what was going on without us telling him. Or he’s casually in photo-bomber position.
Then Brett just started approaching his bearded fellows.
They are quite a proud breed aren’t they?
A lot of our bearded subjects worked for the brewery they were pouring. Which was an added bonus. “Hi I’ll try that… nice beard… can I take a photo of you?”
By the time we got to this guy, we started critiquing the beards. This guy rated pretty high for his excellent natural beard and grooming prowess. Great color… the beer too.

This guy, I mean, what a wonderful smile. He whitens those perfect teeth under that beard ladies and gentlemen. Yes, beer brings out the pertinent information.
And don’t miss the featured photo at the top of the post. That was just the heavens aligning for the perfect photo of our bearded hippy Jesus dude. The girls surrounding him, I mean, it’s just too much. We had a really good time and it seems everyone else around us did as well.
In the end, Brett spotted one last beard as they were closing down. I captured Brett, capturing the last beard of the day. It was really sweet to see this guy huffin past all fast and to see his body language change as Brett gave his speech. Then he primped himself a bit before Brett got the final proud shot. I have no idea what he said to this man to get the shot, but I can almost guarantee it made this man’s day.
As we made our way to the parking lot, we felt like a bit like Leo.
But this wasn’t the end for us. We had much more in-store for us back at the cabin.
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