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Café Beignet

One of the ‘must’ things to eat when in New Orleans are beignets. Most people will naturally tell you to head over to a Cafe du Monde… which we did. But the best is actually at Café Beignet. Yes, I know, you’re skeptical of our claim.

We had seen Alton Brown talk about Cafe Beignet on “Best Thing I Ever Ate”. Us, we’re Alton Brown fans, so we trusted him and planned to visit on our last day in New Orleans.

Luckily we got a little cafe table in the front and Brett went to ride the line ride. Which was quite long. Things were looking up on this rainy day.
Brett placed an order for two cafe au laits, beignets and an egg and cheese on croissant. We sat with our coffees patiently awaiting the arrival of our food.
I was able to snap a couple of shots of the beignets, but none of the sandwich. I’m actually a little shocked I was able to get any pictures of the food. It was all to die for. I don’t think I’ve had a better breakfast sandwich. And those beignets were about three times the size of the ones we had at Cafe du Monde. I only wish we had eaten there everyday we were there.
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