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Boo boo buddies

I may have mentioned that there seems to have been babies popping out like crazy around us lately.. giving me more creative projects to work on. I know… I know… it’s not focused on wedding stuff. I like to call it warm ups.

Well, inspired by the towel origami animals I’ve done for the last few showers, I decided to try my hand at making some hand-crafted Boo Boo Buddies. They are basically the same wash cloth animals with a reusable ice-cube in the tummy. What’s crazy is that they sell these in Target for $20 for two. Talk about a mark-up!


There really are a ton of sites out there to guide you through making these guys. I took a couple of different tips and came up with what you see here. I got ambitious with a few of them and tried to ’embroider’ faces. I’ll stick to just sewing the essential pieces next time. I highly recommend sewing the pompoms on. Glue in any shape just doesn’t hold the same way.

Most importantly, these guys are finished off with a cute little poem.

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