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Pink & Blue… Please Take Two…

Cake pops reappear on the baby shower DIY. The latest baby shower was for my cousin who is have twins. And they are having a boy AND a girl! How amazing, right! We literally had just made a batch of pink and blues for our good friends’ shower. Their theme was “Pink or Blue We Welcome You”. Absolutely adorable. They did end up having a beautiful boy who we still have to meet! As soon as I shake this cold, we’re coming! Yikes, so cake pops!

PhotoI loved the simplicity of the pink and blue pops and I really wanted Brett to make me a wooden cake pop stand. We did a bit of research and didn’t really find all too many wooden stands that fit my vision. So we took a little inspiration from here and there and tried to make the least expensive and least time consuming cake pop stand. The stand is actually three tiers, but we only needed the top two for the shower. Each level can be removed so its expandable. I think we fit about 80 on the stand and the remainder was on the round Styrofoam cake stand.

Mommy to be has a gluten allergy, so we made the pops gluten free. We did a lot of gluten allergy research online. We actually found out that most icings and candy coatings are also gluten free. I was able to find two gluten free cake mixes that weren’t run of the mill. We used highly concentrated, gluten free, flavored extracts in the chocolate and vanilla cakes. For some reason now our pantry is riddled with raspberry smells to this day.

The highly concentrated extracts really helped elevate the cake pop flavors. For the chocolate cake we used the almond extract and used a dark chocolate frosting. The vanilla cake had both raspberry and cheesecake extract mixed with a cream cheese frosting. I had a hard time picking a favorite.

The subway art was displayed on the cake pop table and we used these small chalkboard squares that we had at home. Instead of using regular chalk we have the chalk markers. I wanted a way to identify the cake pop flavors for the guests. So I we kept a simple stick figure style and the phrase, Pink & Blue please take TWO! It made me almost as giddy as Pink or Blue we welcome you. Plus this also helped identify the cake pops as gluten free. I really didn’t want to leave out our guest of honor by making them with gluten products. I don’t think anyone could tell these pops were gluten free.


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