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Snow Tubin’

So our friends Mat and Christine convinced us to go snow tubing. How did Christine convince me to go?

Important fact: It says on website there is a “conveyor belt” type of thing that brings you back to top after each ride. So don’t say No because you think its going to be an exhausting experience!

That literally was the selling point. I couldn’t actually say no. So we said yes and we went out there. We didn’t think that we would be the only adults there that were not accompanying a child. Ooops. We had fun either way. We laughed because no one ever took our tickets, so we probably didn’t need to buy our tickets online at all.
We also were super excited for the Bier Garden reward afterwards. Which turned out to be the coldest and least enjoyable part of the trip. Weird. We drank large mugs of beer and had the wurst. Next time we’ll eat inside. We couldn’t gobble our food fast enough to keep it luke warm. The beer sure did stay cold.

The other thing that continues to baffle us… what is with ski places the 80s theme? Were ski lodges really all the rage in the 80s? Did they just leave that 80s mix tape in the deck and never change it?

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