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Viva Las Paris

Vegas is funny to me. Our cab driver summarized it best when he asked if we were on our way to Disney. “Oh, you guys are going to the adult Disney!” Yup, that’s pretty much Vegas in a nutshell. Of course, we’re not exactly Disney people.

Much like Epcot, we visited a number of different ‘countries’ in Vegas. Paris was the closest to our hotel. I originally planned on having lunch in the bistro at the base of the Eiffel tower, but it never actually happened. We actually never got around to eating in Paris at all. I guess it was because it felt like it was the most crowded and expensive on the strip.

We did pay to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower. Getting the tickets became quite the adventure. Nothing all too exciting, just that it was a tad on the complicated side. We had a coupon that ended up only being valid for a day ride (not stated on the coupon anywhere). We were trying to use our rewards card to get a discount, which apparently also did not work for some other unexplained reason. In all the confusion, we still ended up getting a discounted rate. I believe it was something like $15 per person and we got two tickets for $20 something. Who knows, I was waiting at the bar getting our cocktails. Which also seemed to cost an awful lot.

When we finally found the correct entrance to the elevator we had to wait for it to come back down. As we waited a crowd began to gather. This was going to be a pretty full lift. We ended up being the last couple to get on the elevator. I didn’t think we would fit, but we found a space mushed against the windowed door. The attendant made sure I was facing outward so I wouldn’t miss the view on the ride up. I probably could have done without that.

The Vegas Eiffel Tower is a half scale, 541-foot (165 m) tall replica of the famed Eiffel Tower. We were soon to find out that Brett does not like heights as much as he thought! The picture below was tough for him. I, however, was in shutterbug heaven.

The quarters were definitely close and the other tourists were not afraid of entering your personal space. This really didn’t help Brett feel any better. It was really just a big cage. There were a few larger holes in the cage I was able to stick my camera lens out to get these great aerials.

The fountain show at the Bellagio directly across the street from Paris runs every 15 mins at night. Which Brett had to wait for as he was firmly plastered against the inside wall.

When it was time to leave we had to wait in line to get back on the elevator. This killed him, just being stuck up at this height with no escape was almost enough to put him over the edge. He bit his tongue as this little girl was taunting her older brother about being scared of the height and waited two elevator rides before we were next.

We ended up in the same front row position on the elevator ride down, giving us one last chance for our tummy’s to be in our throats. I guess we did get to eat in Paris after all.

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