doggie trail

Feeding Time

Our big man and little jerk were quite happy to see us when we got home from Vegas. It might have been the can of tuna we opened. The fridge is usually pretty empty when we first get home from a trip so we made due with what we had in the pantry. You cat owners will know that the sound of a can tuna will call cats from just about anywhere or anything.

As expected, Navin was the first to appear.

We find it funny how animated he is about sniffing the air. As if the exaggerated gesture would make you give him the food you have.

He’s still not all too coordinated with taking food from your hand. He just gets a bit too excited.

And downright rude to the big man.

Jasper thinks he’s a jerk.

And he is.

Quite proud to be a jerk.

Although, Jasper is patient.

And will wait his turn.

Navin figures he should just take an entire finger.

Or perhaps the whole hand that feeds him.

That’s normal, right?

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