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Baby Shower Decorations

The twins have arrived!! They were born Tuesday March 26th and everyone is happy and healthy! In the spirit of their birth I figured I’d post a bit more about the decorations from their shower. I was very involved in the planning stages for this shower, so I got really into the crafts for the decorations. Here’s another highlight of some of the decorations from that shower.


I really wanted to incorporate some live plants on each table for the centerpieces. When I saw these animal mugs at the dollar store I was using them. Actually, that’s not true. I saw them and thought I’d come back for them if I hadn’t found anything else. So when I went back, I was lucky to find two of each! I did have to settle for two that I wasn’t crazy about, but that’s what I get for waiting for something better to come along instead of trusting my gut. Then came the dirtiest task of splitting up plants to be potted in these tiny mugs. There was at least two rounds of rearranging plants. I had these done so far ahead so that I could get the plants to root. This meant weeding out some dead ones and replacing.


The guests were to play a shower game in order to decide the centrepiece winners. We played the pass the poem game to find the two winners for two centerpieces. I decided to make each line of the poem a flash card of sorts and stuff them into these handmade envelopes. We also got a few pairs of stuffed animals to decorate the tables to keep in the two by two theme.


We decided to have arranged seating and an escort table. I also wanted to make name tags for all the guests, especially since we wouldn’t know everyone attending. I designed the name tags in Photoshop and printed them out on regular white labels. We cut them and scored the backing to make it easier to peel. The monkey and giraffe were chosen for the twin’s signature animals, so I used them everywhere I could.


The entire escort table concept took some time to get right. It was really the one I had the hardest time getting just right. We needed a way to display the name tags and their table assignment separately. I also wanted to incorporate the Noah’s Ark theme, so I decided to fold origami boats! Then I figured how to make a design that I’d be able to print out and when it was all folded, would display the table number. It all came together in the end like a nice surprise.


This is what the designed sheet looked like before folding. Thank goodness for the ruler guides in Photoshop. It’s amazing how much work something so seemingly simple can turn out to be. Brett and I were printing and folding our little hearts out. It worked out that we did these all without names. There was a lot of table rearranging to the very end on this party. Gotta say, not looking forward to dealing with RSVPs for our wedding.


I really wanted to decorate with usable materials as much as possible. This way the decorations could double as gifts for the new parents. I had seen this adorable presentation for a bunch of baby clothes pinned on a clothes line. So when the Mom to be opened the gift, she kept pulling out the line of clothes. It was really a wonderful idea. I just decided to hang the clothes line up as decoration to lengthen its presence at the shower. It was something very simple and everyone loved it.

I also went banner crazy. We didn’t really photograph a lot of the flags on their own and I didn’t want to post a bunch of photos of the shower guests. Anyhow, I just love how festive these look and bunting always makes me think of sunny lunches with ladies. I printed a bunch of pretty paper to make a flag bunting, we cut out TONS of triangles and glued them to jute twine. We had some with printed letters on them and some stamped letters. Each with different types of phrases. I was surprised how quickly these long lengths of bunting just got eaten up with the size of the room!

More on the diaper cake and diaper babies next time!

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