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Floating thru the Venetian

Aaaah… Venice! Oh how this made me long for Venice. The Vegas version is a poor substitution. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not bad place. It’s actually quite amazing all its self… but it is not Venice. Canals with pool water is the obvious thing that does not compare. However, aside from the seat belts, those gondolas were exquisite replicas.

The gondoliers are an even mix of men and women. You won’t find too many women gondoliers in Venice. Although they all had beautiful singing voices. Your gondolier will serenade you as part of the ride with two ‘traditional’ Italian songs. They all have to stay in Italian character which is certainly challenging while they are chatting with you during the ride. Especially if you start talking about something they’re really interested in.

We took the indoor gondola ride rather than the outdoor one. It was really a matter of the outdoor one had an hour wait. We weren’t really expecting a super romantic ride, but we were lucky enough to be in the boat alone. Not that it mattered much since everyone along the ‘canal’ just kind of gawked at you as you float past. We were one of those earlier. We took our ride and paid for the overpriced photos and moved on.

We strolled through the rest of the Venetian shopping, then their casino and finally came out at their main hotel entrance area. Everything really was beautiful. Of all the places we were that week, I had more strangers ask me to take their photo here. As I was setting up my autotimer, someone finally offered to take our photo. 🙂

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