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The Fountains at the Bellagio

There are very few good things for free in Vegas. The best free show has to be the fountain show at the Bellagio. It’s pretty easy to see from a number of different perspectives so you don’t have to be crammed up against a large group of people just to get a peek. It also runs so often that you almost can’t miss it. If you missed it at night, just wait fifteen minutes for the next show.

The trick really is catching the show with a song you’d like to hear. We didn’t think much of it the first few times we strolled past while the show was playing. It seemed like each time we went past we heard a Sinatra song or something fun. Of course the time we capture video of the show, its friken Celine Dion. Barf.

I was going to slap Luck Be a Lady over the video, but I realized that each show is choreographed to the song. So it just doesn’t work. I was a bit disturbed that I actually had a copy of the song, but of course my version seems to be slightly faster then what they used. You’ll get the idea though.

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