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Planet Hollywood

We were staying at Planet Hollywood during our recent Vegas trip. Of all the hotels we wandered in and out of, Planet Hollywood was my least favorite. It might be the reason why I wasn’t all too impressed with Vegas. The larger casinos in Paradise seem to have a clear focused theme. It seemed like Planet Hollywood’s theme was a bit watered down. It was like Walmart and I think it had to do with their “Miracle Mile Shopping” area. Let me tell you, the only miracle was that I walked through it more than once. I suppose its our NJ mall exposure, this was nothing special to me.

The casino also had a very simple layout, which made for near impossible navigation. I know, that makes no sense. The casino was laid out in a circle with a lounge in the middle that didn’t allow you to see thru. With all of the tables and slot machines looking the same, you could never find the non existent side you were trying to reach. We looped the circle the longest way possible almost everytime.

In the mornings and early afternoons, the dealers had actual shirts and pants and were all quite a happy bunch. At night they had scantily clad ladies in their corsets at the tables. Some dancing ontop of the table. The actually all looked quite miserable.  They called it the “Pleasure Pit”, which was just revolting to me. I get that we’re in Vegas, but really? Go-go bar feel? It was just out of place for Planet Hollywood.

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